//This project was created at a hackathon weekend - and as such isn't a fully complete project - there may be some very rough edges!//
The Challenge

"Across the city dozens of venues offer hundreds of opportunities for people of all abilities and experience to take part in sports, exercise, and other in-person activities.

At CodeTheCity we’ll investigate the challenges faced by providers and participants, and look for ways to improve availability, access and participation." 

The Solution

Using a backend provided by the 'MatchTheCity' application developed at the first Code The City we decided to create an application that made it easy for EVERYONE to find an activity suitable for them, regardless of disablity.

Our interface was designed to be easily usable on cheap Android tablets, using bright colours, large touch targets and large fonts to counteract any issues that arrise from the poor screens - but the app would be just as usable on other platforms, and could be used with a mouse. These attributes also assit in making the application more accessable to those with poor motor skills and poor eye sight. We even allowed the user to put in as much or as little infomation regarding their self as they'd like - meaning that people can stay totally anonymous if required.

I took inspiration from Google's Material Design handbook in designing animations for the UI. The animations make it clear where a new window is coming from, and where it is going, so that the user doesn't get lost within the app.

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