Main Screen
The user is invited to 'deal with the weather' and to 'use grip control'. The screen plays weather/condition related animations - falling snow, mud splashing on the screen and a dust storm from left to right.
As the user clicks the grip control, the weather conditions switch off one by one. This is a reference to the 2008 TVC 'Storm' - as seen hereĀ
When the user has removed all of the weather conditions, the UI fades away, to reveal the car and a screen inviting the user to 'Discover More' appears.
Grip Control Nob
Peugeot did not have a 'realistic' appearing Grip Control nob, only an outlineĀ - so I took it upon my self to create one my self. This gives the UI a far more tactile appearance, and entices the user to interact.
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